Edgar Renee' Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group is an advanced aesthetic education  beauty group in Columbus, Ohio. We are committed to providing Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Barbers & Manicurists with the knowledge needed to succeed within their sector of the beauty industry while working within their scope of practice.  We specialize in teaching results oriented skincare techniques.

Edgar Renee' Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group strives to provide the best professional education. Check Upcoming classes for class dates. If you don't see a date or time you need, give us a call and we will get a class scheduled for you! All C.E. classes are 5 hours and come with an additional 4 hours of required state board sanitation and wellness- those class dates will be offered monthly starting January 2022. 


Fundamental- Advanced
Continuing Education (C.E.) Classes

Aesthetic Fundamentals
5 C.E. Hours $380



*Skin Conditions
5 C.E. Hours $380

Understanding Galvanic Current Techniques
5 C.E. Hours $380

*Deep Cleansing Techniques (Desincrustation)
5 C.E. Hours $380

Deep Penetrating Techniques (Iontophoresis)
5 C.E. Hours $380


*Understanding High Frequency Techniques
5 C.E. Hours $380

Acne Specialist
5 C.E. Hours $450 with HF kit


5 C.E. Hours $480 with kit

*Treating Folliculitis
5 C.E. Hours $380


    Facial Massage Techniques
5 C.E. Hours $380

Fundamental- Advanced Continuing Education (C.E.) Classes

Cosmetic Ingredient Knowledge

5 C.E. Hours $380


Business Bootcamp

5 C.E. Hours $380


Instructor CE Training

8 C.E. Hours $380


Educator Training

5 C.E. Hours $380


Ohio Required Sanitation Class

3 C.E. Hours $90

State Board Required Wellness Class

1 C.E. Hour $50

Microdermabrasion Techniques

5 C.E. Hours $380

Advanced Chemical Peeling Methods

5 C.E. Hours $380 or $720 with QT kit

Aesthetician Courses 


10-Week Course $5,495 with kit




Holistic Aesthetic Techniques

14 Hours 2-Day Class $700




Edgar Renee' Upcoming Class Schedule

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