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Per Ohio's Updated COVID-19 Health Order: 

  • All individuals ages 3 and older must wear a mask over their nose and mouth when entering the facility.

  • All employees and individuals interacting with the public are required to wear a mask.

  •  If you are currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 including: Fever of 100.4 or higher; cough;  shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or chest pain; sore throat; loss of sense of smell or taste; or if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you continue with our COVID-19 policy of canceling your appointment or class and we will reschedule you for a later date.  

Edgar Renee  follows the state board of cosmetology salon standards for sanitation and disinfection as well as the health department standards for disinfection. As our over all policy Edgar Renee's Standard operating procedure before, during and after COVID19 is to clean our facility with hospital grade disinfectant. We clean: every table, light switch, door knob, chairs, toilet, toilet handle, faucets and knobs, microwave, refrigerator, Keurig and all handles and door knobs after every class with barbicide, as well as steaming the floors and  washing all linens on sanitize with soap and bleach. Edgar Renee is a very clean facility as a standard. No employee will be allowed to be at work if they are not feeling well. Our hand washing policy is to thoroughly wash hands before and after touching all professionals or models as well as the use of hand sanitizer. Our class sizes are small, only 6-8 professionals.


Advanced Precautions Enlisted

Steaming the floors with barbicide

Lysol on all surfaces after primary disinfection

Disabled signature on credit card terminal

Invoicing and encouraging online or over the phone payments  to decrease  hand to hand contact

Live online classes and consultations

 I do ask that you keep up your already great hand washing techniques when we move forward with classes and  if you are not feeling well in anyway to please reschedule. I will wave rescheduling fees for corona related reschedules.

Live Classes Online

Some of the classes we will offer live: Acne; Product ingredients; Holistic skin care; Cancer care; Treating the Fitzpatrick; Sanitation; Aesthetic Fundamentals; Advanced Chemical Peeling; Detoxifying & Purifying Techniques; Deep Cleansing Techniques; Anti Cellulite Techniques.

Permanent Makeup

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has reopened all Body Art facilities as of May 15th 2021 and we will schedule new class dates.

3 Sanitation Class

We can offer this class to you live online and help you to formulate new SOP (standard operating procedures)as well as safety sanitation and disinfection procedures in your facility moving forward. Feel free to call 614-470-4414 or email us.


Cynthia Malcom Taylor

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