Who is Edgar Renee'?

Beauty expert, Cynthia Malcom, founder and Education Director of Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education and Consulting Group has been in the beauty industry since 1998. Starting as a nail technician, at 24 years old she opened her first business in Cincinnati, Ohio known as Hand Candy Mind & Body Escape Day Spa. She eventually became a licensed esthetician and found her niche as an advanced skin care specialist presenting seminars throughout the US and at the international level. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit with her inspiration to continuously learn, the CIDESCO Diplomat has been instructing under the moniker Edgar Renee—a fusion of her son and daughter’s names—since 2010. In 2013, Edgar Renee became a brick and mortar company.

Being a true entrepreneur Cynthia has founded and owns several companies however she works in and operates her true passion which is Edgar Renee. Currently, she owns and operates two locations in Cincinnati and Columbus. However, Edgar Renee is more than an educational hub for Ohio based professionals. The company has proudly educated individuals from New York, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania to Nicaragua, Barbados and the Bahamas. Edgar Renee focuses on delivering advanced education concepts and techniques in a manner that professionals can easily understand and put into practice. State Board licensed continuing education classes are available for instructors, estheticians, cosmetologists, manicurists, massage therapists, business owners and nurses. Resources, such as keys to successful business management and ownership, are also available making Edgar Renee an industry staple. Being the first and largest advanced beauty education company of its kind in Ohio, Cynthia envisions Edgar Renee as not just instilling knowledge of advanced services but, because it’s a company built by a pro, knowing the correct and most advantageous approach to investing in the whole professional in order to create an industry standard that caters to the experience and wellness of consumers. She strives to take the industry from what is sometimes transactional (consumer pays “x” to receive “y” service) to transformational (being in tune with your clients and their skin in order to not only know what theories and techniques to apply for optimal results but to also know what procedures not to perform all in a manner that caters to the customer while managing their expectations).

In order for clients to receive the best service experience, Cynthia firmly stands by the belief that professionals must be afforded the best education and business tools. “If you are knowledgeable you can pick everything from the right protocol to the right product line with confidence,” she states. Investing in you, something often said within Edgar Renee, doesn’t end with graduating from beauty school or landing your dream role. It involves collaborating with other professionals, businesses and schools who believe in who and what they teach and networking with entities that focus on your specialty as well as those who don’t in order to expand your purview. More importantly, never stop being willing to learn. The industry is constantly evolving and professionals simply can’t afford to not stay abreast on trends and advances. An uneducated, inexperienced, or unaware beauty professional, whether that’s an instructor, business owner, or technician can only give what they know. It benefits everyone to be on the cutting edge. Edgar Renee enables beauty professionals of all levels and specialties to do just that in a manner that is both accessible and pragmatic.

Cynthia Malcom

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Cynthia is a mother of two and a native of Middletown, Ohio.  She lived in Cincinnati Ohio for 20 years and currently resides in Dublin Ohio.

Cynthia can be reached at : 614-470-4415 or

Cynthia @ edgarenee.com

She is always registering new professional's into her classes, and would love to speak with you about your professional goals.