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Edgar Renee 'Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group

has committed itself to partnering with businesses that provide client services in the beauty and wellness industries. We aim to  to set a higher standard for how we operate, educate, and deliver service. Edgar Renee' Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group has experience that spans the beauty and skincare marketplace over the course of sixteen years. Edgar Renee 'Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group has spent significant time in a variety of environments including day spas, medical spas, cosmetic/plastic surgery, and retail, and has collaborated with a variety of roles such as reception, sales, direct service, and management.


Edgar Renee 'Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group offers

customized strategies that honors that each business is unique and requires success strategies that are specific to its needs. Edgar Renee 'Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group identifies areas in need of improvement and creates solutions that are unique to an organization’s culture and team. This includes operational and treatment protocols, compensation structures and job mobility, examination of new treatment platforms to determine their efficacy, market value, and scalibility for an individual business, and marketing initiatives.


Edgar Renee 'Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group has a track record of increasing business and sales within a variety of organizational environments.


We are able to develop and deliver customized training programs for each member of your staff, provide ongoing educational and resource support for your facility, assist staff members in distribution and sales of product, and create, manage, and execute timetables for ongoing training initiatives.


Please call 614-470-4415 for a free 30 minute consultation.

Edgarenee will determine how we can assist you in developing your individual growth as well as any goals or expanding and educating your staff.





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